Taking mobile payments to 4m consumers
Working with 17 high street banks and building societies, we identified a target audience to build nationwide awareness and support usage among high street banking customers, increasing active users.

The Challenge

Paym provides a payments service allowing instant payments to be made to friends, family and small businesses using only a mobile number. The goal was to drive uptake of peer-to-peer mobile payments across the current account banking market.

The Results


Engaging online campaigns delivered across social networks and Google ad network – 3 million views in six months.


Co-branded activity agreed with 17 different high street banks and building societies, taking active users to 600k+ a month.


Utilising research-based PR campaigns to support audience reach, with a 6% uplift in brand awareness.


Transforming the brand appearance from a technical payments process to a consumer-solution, resulting in a 545% y-o-y increase in web traffic.
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