Providing future focus for a global innovator
Providing an identity and voice to one of UK manufacturing’s best kept secrets. Allowing the business to understand its purpose in a rapidly moving digital economy.

The Challenge

NetVu sought a partner to enhance its brand and reputation, one that would deliver lasting change built around the company’s vision and values; not one that would simply produce a cosmetic makeover. Its all-embracing remit covered: employees and prospects/customers; internal and external communications; strategic repositioning; and branding.

The Results


Building clarity around the company’s vision, mission and values and articulating a new proposition.


We saw the bigger picture - integrating disparate elements into a single solution that sets and complements NetVu’s position in the market. 


We employed a wide range of skills - everything from staff surveys to job descriptions; from creative flair to detailed copywriting; from visualising concepts to developing practical solutions.


We listened - to ensure we understood NetVu’s business dynamics and what was needed in order to deliver the required results.

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