Case Study

Resourcing & Responsiveness

The NAHL Group


The NAHL Group is a leading UK consumer marketing business providing specialist services to individuals and law firms dealing with personal injury, critical care, and residential property.

The company’s communications provision spans the whole group and between specific teams. It provides support to three operating divisions, ensuring that brand messaging and relevance are maintained within a complex and evolving market.

Resource for time critical projects

The long term absence of a senior member of the team prompted the need to obtain a resource able to provide immediate direction for, and delivery of, time critical projects. These included preparation of the annual report and management of the internal communications platform with its various content streams.

Moreover, any support brought in would need to demonstrate the requisite expertise and experience to achieve “buy-in” from all management levels and operating divisions.

Confidence, clarity, and responsiveness

Konductor began by quickly understanding the diverse requirements of NAHL’s inter-relationships and tasks and the need to produce complex annual reports within tight timeframes.

It was then necessary to inspire confidence among NAHL’s C-suite executives, including the CEO and CFO, to acquire insight into the business ethos and enable the creation of effective communications practices.

With a commitment to getting it right first time, Konductor enhanced efficiencies by acquiring a deep appreciation of the importance and relevance of relationships within NAHL, allowing all deadlines and targets to be met.

Our named people were always fully briefed and available, meaning zero time lost on unnecessary re-briefings. We also applied our knowledge and skillset to provide insight and opinion beyond task requirements to deliver lasting improvements across both practice and process.

On Konductor’s involvement with the project, Marcus Lamont, Group HR Director, said:

“Konductor came to feel like a part of the business. Our communications readership has increased due to better headlines and more compelling opening paragraphs and an improved copy style that’s much more journalistic and engaging in tone.”

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