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Trenches Law

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Background & Challenge

On the cusp of launching its automated wayleave solution – the first of its kind in the UK and a game changer in the UK’s race for full fibre – Trenches Law approached Konductor to help them bring to life the transformation of this archaic process.

Trenches Law needed a vehicle that would sit at the heart of a campaign targeting the telecoms market.

It needed to resonate with businesses that build and install fibre infrastructure, which allow residents and businesses to connect to the internet.

Konductor’s response to brief was a solution that allowed the team to dip into both its content expertise (the product of years spent in journalism and writing) alongside its sector expertise (the product of years spent in the technology industry).

Born was “The Book of Wayleave”.

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Our Approach & Delivery

  • We put forward a spectrum of options. We had a safe option. We had a quirky option. And we then had a head-turning option (the option of choice).
  • Trenches Law opted for a twist on kid’s books of the 60s and 70s. In five chapters the reader would go on a whistle-stop-tour of the anxiety-inducing journey of a network build.
  • Utilising the Four-K approach, Konductor’s content team walked through the process using its Kuriosity, Kritical Thinking and Kommunication pillars.
  • We deconstructed the stages of the wayleave process and imagined scenarios that could be applied to each.
  • We worked with an illustration team to create a retro-take for each chapter.
  • With one walkthrough, the first stage concept was signed off, and the book created in under a fortnight, enabling a full marketing campaign to be built and wrapped around the book.

Our Legacy

Head of Brand and Marketing Anna Hagglund said: “We needed something that would resonate immediately with our target market; and the initial briefing call with the Konductor team was one of the most energetic and engaging we’d been involved with.

“Our Operations Director and key members of the wayleave team joined that session, and within two days we had a working prototype with chapters and scenarios sketched. Following a few minor tweaks, the book went into full production with minimal changes.

“Konductor nailed the brief, bringing the project in on budget and ahead of deadline, working within the timescales we’d set to line up our multi-faceted campaign approach”

Trenches Law Book Cover

Click the image above to download a pdf of the book

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