Case Study

Enhancing brand and reputation for lasting change



NetVu is an all British, innovative technology and surveillance company set up in 2016. Within their northwest R&D and manufacturing base, they both design and develop their products and carry out crucial business development and administrative activity.

More than just a makeover

NetVu sought a partner to enhance its brand and reputation – one that would deliver lasting change built around the company’s vision and values, rather than simply apply a cosmetic makeover.

Konductor’s remit covered the production of a new proposition – aligned to NetVu’s vision, mission, and values – and which included employees, potential leads, and existing customers.

Internal and external communications were to be reviewed and enhanced, a strategic repositioning implemented, and a forensic review of the company’s branding performed.

Delivering real change

With NetVu being a technical and complex business, Konductor spent time acquiring a deep understanding of their business dynamics and identifying the actions needed to achieve the desired results. This demanded that we respond to input from NetVu’s management and adapt our own thinking so we could evolve solutions to enable rapid and impactful delivery.

We drew upon our range of skills and experience to produce and manage staff surveys, re-write job descriptions, add creative flair where appropriate, supply detailed copywriting, help visualise complex concepts, and develop practical solutions to composite problems.

As well as installing a sense of order by converting ideas into policy and application, Konductor also helped NetVu view their challenge more holistically by integrating different elements into a single solution that consolidated and complemented their market position.

Mike Newton, CEO and founder of NetVu said:

“Though NetVu boasts exceptional expertise in the development of cutting-edge surveillance equipment, getting that very message out there was proving difficult for us. Konductor came in and immediately demonstrated extraordinary determination to understand our business and quickly identified the steps needed to embolden our position in the market.

“They introduced a level of thinking and creativity we had been sorely lacking. As a result of their contributions, a shared ambition and sense of cohesiveness began to emerge among our employees and, by delivering a range of innovative internal and external marketing activity, our client base has burgeoned.”

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