Case Study

Helping to propel a Faster Britain

ITS Technology Group


ITS is a full fibre operator and has been on a journey to become a leading UK alternative network provider. Today it operates in the same market as providers such as Openreach and Virgin Media Business, providing ultrafast fibre to left behind areas of the country.

With a full-scale rebrand undertaken in 2019 and funding of £45m secured from Aviva to back its growth in the full fibre market, ITS required a go-to-market strategy to drive returns against the investments of the previous 12 months.

It starts with a proposition

In order to align the business behind its ambitious growth objectives, Konductor undertook a positioning workshop with the ITS team. With more than a decade working across technology and telecoms, Konductor was able to rapidly assimilate what made ITS different within the market and identify the proof points sitting behind this market differentiation.

With a solid proposition embedded, a key messaging house agreed, and a clear understanding of the business’ commercial objectives, Konductor was able to deliver a go-to-market approach that addressed ITS’ ambition to grow through a combination of business partners and strategic direct relationships.

On Konductor’s input in the Faster Britain growth story, ITS CEO, Daren Baythorpe said: “Having secured our investment, we required the fire power to help deliver against our business plan at pace. That meant being able to expand our partner network and take a message to a wider business community that ITS was a viable alternative network provider with the capacity to expedite access to future proofed full fibre connectivity.

“Konductor was able to rapidly understand our business and provide a commercial marketing approach to help delivery on this strategy.”

Opening the conversation

At the heart of ITS’ 2020 marketing approach would be ‘Faster Britain’ – a sub brand that would enable their lesser known brand name to achieve cut through among those businesses whose connectivity lagged behind the rest of the country.

Faster Britain would align behind the government’s 2025 target to bring full fibre to the entire UK and help demystify what can be jargon-filled space. As the business now looks towards its next phase of growth, Konductor continues to lead the full marketing mix.

Working with the senior management team to deliver its go-to-market strategy, Konductor’s varied and expert marketing activities are driving forward growth in the ITS Faster Britain major network areas. We are collaborating directly with its partner community and delivering on online and offline tactical activity to help the business meet its 2020/2021 growth targets.

Summarising the relationship between Konductor and ITS, ITS CEO, Daren Baythorpe, added:

“In just the first four months of our relationship with Konductor we organised an event that captured the imagination of our partner base and deftly positioned ITS in the eyes of the industry. It presented our business proposition to full effect and demonstrated the innovative deployment of the Faster Britain network.

“Konductor has delivered on its promises and, crucially, they understand the demands of an ambitious growth company, adding value at a strategic level and helping drive us forward. They have allowed us to begin realising a return against the investment we have made in our brand, our people, and our own network.”

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