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Translating strategy into action

Does your business have a long-term strategy for growth?

Taking ideas and strategies from the boardroom, turning them into action and delivering the desired outcomes is a key challenge for businesses. Not every business has a marketing strategy within its tool kit.

Through the 4K Konductor framework, our marketing strategy consultants will ask the big questions, helping to define your business objectives, and connecting your financial objectives into a plan behind which the whole business is aligned.

A Konductor marketing strategy consultant isn’t there to pay lip service to your ideas, we’ll challenge, question and bring in-sector and out of sector knowledge. Our approach is designed to ensure we understand your business and challenges, assimilating and adding value quickly and effectively, aligning your business behind one measurable plan.

How our marketing strategy consultants deliver:

  • Clear business objectives with a 3-5 year roadmap
  • 12-month ‘one plan’ across business
  • Outcomes defined and align the business behind a common set of customers, people, culture and financial outcomes
  • Operating Model design to deliver business objectives: gap analysis and solutions