Our Services

Driving customer acquisition

Do you know how to attract the right customers for your business?

In these fast-paced times, the way customers engage with and interact with brands continues to shift. Delivering measurable campaigns and content that attracts, captures and converts is imperative to any business.

Our marketing consulting services focus on nurturing new business, driving lead generation and ensuring a fully visible new business acquisition process. We ensure the right levers are pulled at the right time, across the full marketing mix.

We are marketing consultants who have the contacts, experience, and know-how to design and activate diverse marketing campaigns, with a central focus on driving engagement and opening a steady flow of leads into your business. From top of funnel content, events and digital acquisition strategies, we deliver the right mix of activities to drive the pipeline.

How Konductor drives customer acquisition through its marketing consulting services:

  • Creative, results-driven marketing campaigns
  • Exploit all channels to maximise the volume of lead generation
  • Initiate conversations with customers that lead to sales
  • Measure all areas of the sales funnel