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Identifying proposition and purpose

Identifying Proposition and Purpose

There is growing evidence that companies with a purpose show higher growth and longevity, creating an emotional bond with colleagues and customers. It’s your business ’why’; your ‘true north’, offering something more meaningful to colleagues and customers. It’s the basis upon which they judge their investment with you.

Konductor supports organisations in defining and translating their purpose that forms the bedrock of the business and the platform from which they can achieve strong growth.

We’ll identify your purpose - why you exist as a business

Unify your business behind a shared Vision, Values & Behaviours

Translate your company brand, tone of voice & position externally and internally

Align your people behind measurable objectives aligned to business strategy

Building profile & reputation

In a noisy fast-moving environment, forging a reputation in your sector builds a long-term business and personal profile.  

We drive awareness through thought leadership, personal profile raising and PR management. We’ll deliver press and social media planning and delivery that carves market presence. We’ll position you as a thought leader, drive awareness of your brand, consideration of your services and bring customers into your sales funnel. If you are preparing a business for sale it can influence key stakeholders 

The right kind of coverage in front of the right audience

Engaging content that sits at the top of your sales funnel

Position the business as an authority & thought leader

Build personal profile of key individuals, building brand awareness and engagement

Advancing retention, loyalty & recommendation

From the customer journey to in-life communications, an experience that delivers joy means your customers remain active and engaged. And as advocates of your brand they can be the best way of winning new business through referral and recommendation. 

Bringing together people, process and technology, we’ll identify friction points that suppress engagement and unearth opportunities to delights at the moments that matter. We will devise communication devices that create a deep relationship with your brand.

Learn how your customers want to engage with your brand

Remove friction points which stifle growth potential

Design an experience that is superior to your competitors

Create messaging that forges trust, loyalty and drives recommendation

Go-To-Market Strategy and Delivery

Implementing go-to-market strategy and delivery

Driving growth in your target market is dependent on a tailored approach that connects you to your target customer base, whether it’s a product or service, a channel or whole business

Through insight and market understanding, we’ll help you translate your business strategy and /or marketing strategy,  into a measurable tactical plan encompassing the full marketing mix both online and offline.

Creative results-driven campaigns

Exploit variety of channels to maximise lead generation

Drive customer engagement

Open a steady flow of leads

Driving customer acquisition

Customer Acquisition

In these fast-paced times, the way customers engage with and interact with brands continues to shift. Delivering measurable campaigns and content that attracts, captures and converts is imperative to any business.

We have the contacts, experience, and know-how to design and activate diverse marketing campaigns with a central focus on driving engagement and opening a steady flow of leads into your business. From top of funnel content, events and digital acquisition strategies, we deliver the right mix of activities to drive pipeline. 

Creative, results-driven marketing campaigns

Exploit all channels to maximise volume of lead generation

Initiate conversations with customers that lead to sales

Measure at all areas of the sales funnel

Translating Strategy into Action

Translating strategy into action

Taking ideas and strategy from the boardroom and turning it into action delivering the desired outcomes is a key challenge for businesses. Through the 4K framework we will ask the big questions, helping to define your business objectives, and connecting your financial objectives into a plan that the whole business is aligned behind. 

We’ll challenge, question and bring in-sector and out of sector knowledge. Our approach is designed to ensure we understand your business and challenges, assimilating and adding value quickly and effectively, aligning your business behind one measurable plan.

Clear business objectives with a 3-5 year roadmap

12-month ‘one plan’ across business

Outcomes defined and align the business behind a common set of customer, people, culture and financial outcomes

Operating Model design to deliver business objectives: gap analysis and solutions

Creating compelling customer experiences

A compelling customer experience is one of the greatest assets in growing your business. It is founded on a defined customer proposition, bringing together people, process and technology to deliver against your customer experience. 

We will help you understand your customer needs, and shape your operating model behind the customer experience and embed continuous improvement.

Define your customer vision, goals, experience

Align your operating model to the customer experience

Customer satisfaction survey aligned to customer outcomes

Operational action planning to drive customer satisfaction and net promoter scores

Fostering growth as a trusted partner

 As a senior business leader, when you need a ‘critical friend’ we can be there for you.

Working with any business is like stepping into a moving stream. We understand we’re joining you on your business journey and the 4K framework is designed to ensure we understand your business and challenges, assimilating and adding value quickly and effectively.

We will challenge you, asking the big question, drawing on our ‘in and out’ of sector knowledge to give you an alternative viewpoint. We’ve sat on your side of the desk and know the commercial reality and demands of business. Through our pop-up frameworks and processes, we’ll never insist on starting from scratch or draining management time.

A partner to help your business grow through uncertain, ambiguous times

A partner to challenge and bring new perspectives from in sector and out of sector experience

A partner to remove stubborn obstacles and mitigate risk

A partner to align the business behind one plan and one set of outcomes

Developing and enhancing your online presence

Developing and Enhancing Online Presence

For the majority of modern businesses, regardless of industry, a well-designed internet presence is vital. Whether as a reputational touchpoint, an information resource, or a lead generation tool, your website is often the first impression that a potential client will get of your business as a whole. For businesses that sell online, it may even be the only way that your customers may interact with you at all.

We will help you develop a website that reflects your business and is focused on achieving the outcomes that your business needs to thrive. This includes optimisation of layout, structure and content to not only give your website the best chance of ranking well on search engines, but to also website provide the best user experience for your visitors.

Guide you within the digital space to establish the desired outcomes for your web presence

Design and build a website that achieves those outcomes and adheres to web best-practice

Optimise your site and content for search engine ranking

Optimise your site layout and structure to improve visitor conversion rates