About Konductor

Businesses are very much like a moving stream. We make a living by being able to jump into that stream at any point, at any stage of the journey, making a tangible impact to the businesses we work with.

Working with any business means stepping into a journey. We know we’re joining you at a point in time so it’s our job to ensure we assimilate, understand where we can add value and do it quickly.

That means blending strategic services and deep thinking with hands on delivery, something underpinned by our four K approach. A pop-up framework that turns plans into action and without sinking ‘consultancy time’.

The four Ks of Kuriosity, Kritical Thinking, Kommunication and Kommercial Accumen mean we can understand your business, challenge where necessary and then make a recommendation on delivery that suits your business, budget and existing resource.

The Four Ks


Our discovery phase. It’s moving at pace to understand your business, your challenges and get under the skin without imposing too much time on key stakeholders. We’re able to self-start and navigate, without drawing down your time.

Kritical Thinking

Taking ideas and strategy and turning them into action. Every idea isn’t rooted in reality, so we’ll challenge and push back and bring in in-sector and out of sector knowledge. It’s also where we join action to numbers.


Bringing together strategy, activity, outcomes and measures and ensuring it’s in one plan which is understood by those who are delivering against it.

Kommercial Accumen

A continued grip on outcomes that will deliver value. It means there is identifiable impact as well as continuous feedback, ensuring you maximise time, budget and skill set.

What makes us different?

We have a reputation for dealing with challenges and ambiguity. We have an approach that separates the winners from the losers, and we know the vital steps in achieving your goals.

We are direct

We challenge, ask questions, use your (and our) time wisely.

We are purposeful

We work to a plan, we work to objectives and we work at pace.

We are commercial

Everything we do is tracked and measured.

We are impactful

Ideas, noise and confusion are translating into clear plans with KPIs.

We are hands on

We’re as involved in the delivery as we are in the thinking and planning.

Our Purpose

We exist to inspire businesses and deliver indisputable outcomes, making a measurable difference and leaving a legacy with every business we touch.

Our Purpose

Our Vision

We are the go-to business that punches well above its weight, famous for our ability to transform and impact all levels of a business from boardroom strategy to tactical marketing, creating memorable and tangible outcomes with impact.

Our Mission

We deliver through our approach, combining the dexterity and expertise of our people with our insights, as well as use and understanding of leading-edge technology.


Our Values


Communication is the foundation for all we do and excellence is at its core, driving success and delivering results.


Passion is what drives and defines us, it is our core motivation and it is innate. It is the energy that provides our unwavering commitment to get things right and connect to others. Your success is our success.


We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. We have strong morals, underpinned by our code of conduct, and adhere to our word.