Content Marketing

For many organisations who contact us, the business side of things is going quite well, but they’re struggling with content.

Content has been making its way towards the forefront of digital marketing for a number of years. If online profile is the currency, then content holds some of the most value.

Some businesses want to blog regularly, but have no natural writers on the team, and fine employing a full-time copywriter is too expensive. Sometimes they’re unhappy with their tone-of-voice, or want more visual content to engage their audience but don’t know how to generate it. Their reasons are many, but solutions are few.

Kontent Engine
The content we generate has become so popular, we recently set up a separate business unit dedicated to content marketing. Kontent Engine is Konductor’s one-stop solution. Here you will see just how broad our range of services is, examples of the type and quality of our work, and the range of companies who trust us to be their voice, from start-ups, to blue-chip multi-nationals.

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Case study…

Frazer John Recruitment: Content strategy with 10% month-on- month uplift in web traffic.100% success in award short-listing.

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