Financial Communications

It is widely acknowledged that commercially successful M&A, financial and investor activities are achieved through a combination of business vision, good planning, proven practice, sound process and one other vital constituent; effective communication.


The real value of a properly planned and executed communications strategy is sometimes underestimated, yet good communication is the catalyst that can realise the full potential of a deal.

At the very time the company communication needs to be at its best it is often at its worst, with responsibility handed to those with inadequate experience.

When the right messaging is distributed at the right time, through the right channels, and to the right recipients, productivity is maintained (or improved); key staff remain committed; employee cynicism and anxiety is minimised; customers and suppliers stay on board; trade press, local papers and external stakeholders hear and disseminate what you have to say… and forecast commercials and ROI can become a reality.

Effective communication is far too important to be relegated to an afterthought. Without it, achieving financial targets can become an impossible task. We should know, as experts in effective M&A communications, we have partnered finance and legal deal principals for over 10 years and have 50+ successful deals to our credit.

Our senior managers and associate practitioners, with their first-hand client and agency experience of deals across a number of industry sectors, will work with your teams in the planning and delivery of the integrated communications programmes that can realise the full potential of an M&A deal.

Why Konductor for M&A?
  • Worked on the high-profile de-merger of BT businesses to O2
  • Led the communications for 29 acquisitions at Daisy Group
  • Helped challenger tech brands Vapour and Solar achieve widespread media coverage
  • Blueprint for all stakeholder messaging and project management

For a more in depth look at our Financial Communications services, including some of the successes we have achieved for clients, we invite you to download our Financial Communications Services document.

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