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Communicating with your employees (furloughed or not)
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The Comms Lock-in: Becoming Richer
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The do’s and don’ts of marketing during a pandemic
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So, let’s cut to the chase; how many working from home blogs have you written in the last month? How many emails have you sent assuring customers that you’re still operating? How many coronavirus discounts have you advertised? Chances are that these are questions that would have you counting through your fingers to answer. Fear…

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Planning Campaign Development
Proposition to the rescue
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How the backbone of your company can help you ride out these uncertain times At a time of crisis, which our beleaguered planet is very much in the midst of, business leaders find themselves scrambling to find ways of mitigating damage and safeguarding their survival. Employees are relieved of their duties, suppliers put on hold,…

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Organisational Change
5 basic tips for keeping your remote workforce healthy and productive during lockdown
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Originally featured in Prolific North As COVID-19 forces the world to retreat into their homes, many workers are, for the first time, carrying out their professional duties away from the hubbub of the office and within their kitchens and living rooms. Shirts, blazers and brogues replaced with Metallica t-shirts, hoodies and slippers. The novelty of…

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Creating calm in chaos: getting back to business with your remote workforce
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As businesses begin designing, implementing and managing entirely new working models for their employees in order to help stem the proliferation of COVID-19, many are being tested in ways never before experienced. While a number of businesses have models adapted to mobilised workforces, there many for whom this is all very new. Employees of all…

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Konductor working with Volta Data Centres to support growth ambitions
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Konductor has been brought in by London-based tech business Volta Data Centres to support business growth in 2020. The North West-based firm is working with Volta’s inhouse team to define the marketing strategy for the year-ahead, supporting with both outbound and inbound sales, using content and PR to increase brand awareness, driving qualified leads for…

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10, 10, 10 – The trends that took us by surprise 10 years ago, 10 years on and what may do in 10 years’ time
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Though hindsight invariably provides us with the answers, it’s often tricky at the time to work out how certain trends come to pass. Take, for example, the curious fashion statement that became ubiquitous amongst late 17th century French noblemen which saw them taking to wear the most flamboyant and frankly ridiculous bouffant wigs. Though initial…

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Business moments of 2019
Top five business moments of 2019
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To say 2019 has been a year of ups and downs would be to make a profound understatement. Were it a rollercoaster, it would’ve come with a checklist of warnings long enough to put most people off and send them to the dodgems instead. The business world was not immune. In fact, 2019 saw a…

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