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Konductor joins the Emergent Alliance
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Konductor has joined the not-for-profit Emergent Alliancewhich exists to better inform future economic decision making by corporations, small businesses and nations states. ​ As part of the Alliance, Konductoris working alongside some of the world’s largest organisations, data specialists, and governments to support future decision making on regional and global economic challenges that will get…

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The point of a proposition. 10 good reasons.
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Value v Vanity: what are the important metrics for your business?
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It’s common and expected for accountants to have no shortage of metrics and KPIs to track. However, as a business owner or leader the biggest issue can be understanding what are the important metrics – that means value vs vanity. A vanity metric can be defined as anything that is measurable but does not correlate…

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Working from home and the impact on data protection
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Data protection compliance for organisations has been put to the test over the past couple of months as many employees settle into the routine of working from home. As if it wasn’t a struggle for many to maintain compliance before Covid-19, it is now even more important they are aware of the potential risks. Employers…

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A time of change – the view from academia
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When less is more: The Road to Essentialism
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The modern world is a frantic place. From the moment we wake, to the moment we return to our beds, we are bombarded with information, expectations, responsibilities, and deadlines. It has come to pass that the busier we are, or at least appear to be, the more we are perceived to be “successful”. It is…

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Catastrophising into practical panic
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How to communicate to furloughed employees. Do/don’t? Yes/no? Should we/Shouldn’t we?
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Keeping your furloughed workforce focused with intelligent communications is key in the current climate. We’ve been speaking about it a lot and recently recorded a podcast on the topic. As champagne flutes were chinking together on New Year’s Day with messages of goodwill being shared for the 2020 ahead, who could have predicted that barely four…

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