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    Education, education, education: Why technology companies could drive a greater uptake of their automated tools with less marketing and more mentoring
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    The rate at which technological innovations have evolved and developed over the last 20 years has been spectacular, if not at times a little dizzying. Solutions available today are delivering levels of functionality and capability which are completely transforming traditional job roles, and indeed, entire sectors and industries. Such is the transformational power of next-generation…

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    Brand development: Preparing and planning properly (Part 1)
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    Whether starting out with a new business venture, or looking to refresh and grow a current one, there are a whole range of factors to consider and prioritise as a means of achieving your goals. At the forefront of your mind should be brand. Sure, brand development is a key specialism of ours, so we…

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    GDPR, content, and compliance. Less than a month to go…
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    On Friday May 25th, the UK Data Protection Act, which has regulated the professional use of personal information for two decades, is to be retired. In its place, a new regulation is to be implemented – not just in this country – but across the whole European Union; the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR.…

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    GDPR…Need some help?
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    We’ve copywriters, we’ve got GDPR specialists. If you need support ahead of or beyond May 25th, let’s have a chat. Need some help with GDPR?

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    5 ways 5G is going to change the face of business
    High Five: 5 ways 5G is going to change the face of business
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    5G – it’s going to change the face of business, you know? As a smartphone user (and we’re being bold here and assuming you are one), you’ll be familiar with the various symbols at the top of your device’s screen. Battery life, signal strength, and for many the most important; the types of mobile network…

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    Search appoints Konductor to deliver content and PR
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    Manchester business communications specialist agency Konductor has been appointed as the retained PR and content agency to national recruitment consultancy Search Konductor’s appointment follows a major period of growth for Search, which saw the nationwide firm grow its client base to over 3,300 and staff numbers to over 650 at its 15 offices around the…

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    Best marketing campaigns
    Eyes to the front! Lessons from some of the best marketing campaigns of all time
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    When a marketing campaign goes well, it doesn’t just raise the profile of an organisation, it can change the world. Certain TV advertisements, jingles, slogans, and even colour co-ordinations become synonymous with life events – from the momentous, to the everyday. Here, we’re going to look at some of the most memorable marketing campaigns, and…

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    Business Strategy
    Business Strategy: Getting it defined, and getting it executed
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    In any conversation about business, you’re never too far away from ‘strategy’ being discussed. In TV shows like the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’, you’d be forgiven for thinking contestants were contractually obliged to refer to it in every other sentence. The ubiquity with which it features in such glib conversation, how to build a strategy and…

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    lead generation
    Lead Generation: 5 tips & tricks
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    Generating quality leads is one of the most challenging pursuits of any business. Here, we share five ways it can be achieved.

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    3 Prevalent Communications Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
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    When you start putting together a blog like this one, the urge to start with some hackneyed phrase about ‘communication being the bedrock of any business’ is overwhelming. You know it to be true, it’s a pretty safe assumption that most business leaders know it to be true. So why then, this irresistible impulse to…

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