Let PR be your weapon
- 11 February 2016

Depending on who you speak to, public relations can be described as many things. But very rarely a “weapon”. However, PR is just that. Used correctly, it can be your business’s secret weapon.
While traditionally big brands with big budgets have rode rough shod through the advertising jungle, winning new customers and driving more sales is now coming from the missile that we like to refer to as ‘presence’.

From word of mouth, magazine interviews, well-articulated blogs or 140-character Tweets, your presence matters. It is about managing your reputation. It is about influencing. Whatever the medium, it is about building relationships with the key people interested in your business.

Media coverage is cost effective. Unlike the advertising jungle, editorial is free. Aside from the intellectual property rights associated with your chosen author, it is free. And coverage is more likely to be taken notice of by your prospective clients that an advert as it is independent and is judged on its own merits.

PR and rich, well-written content can significantly increase your company’s profile, raise awareness, educate and position you as an expert. The result? The generation of more enquiries and sales.

There is a plethora of opportunity for you to shout about your business. And let’s face it, if you don’t do it, your competitors probably will.


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