Konductor launches business Koaching service
- 26 March 2019

Manchester business communications specialist Konductorhas launched Koaching, its new business offering, aimed at supporting businesses to solve specific organisational challenges through their people.

As well as drawing on Konductor’sexpertise, Koaching uses a framework of tools capturing organisational and personal objectives to deliver bespoke programmes that address critical issues, support business growth and develop talent.

The Konductor team has worked for and with a wide range of businesses, from start-ups to global and AIM brands including NAHL Group, City of London Group, Search Consultancy and AccessPay with particular expertise in the banking, fintech, telecoms and SME sectors.

Led by Konductor director Kate O’Brien, the new Koaching offering draws on that experience and commercial acumen to offer a real-world understanding of the challenges and opportunities that sit at the heart of a business and is in response to an ever-increasing demand from clients. The service is based on developing teams and individuals to have the confidence to connect, engage, influence and inspire in all areas of their business life.

Kate O’Brien said: “Koaching is a logical evolution of what we do with our clients every day in supporting their communications. This new development arm of Konductor gives us an opportunity to deliver a common-sense, ‘boots on the ground’ approach to solving business problems for companies and leaders at all stages of their career, from start-ups to CEOs.

“There is no one-size-fits-all to this, it’s about understanding how all the component parts -  customers, business function, process and employees  – come together to create a successful business. In commercial terms, that means enhanced performance, increased engagement and ultimately a positive impact on a business’s bottom line.”

Koaching works with teams and individuals, from execs to CEOs, helping support development to achieve business objectives. The Konductor team, with its enhanced associate base, also delivers a range of measurable business support services including business strategy, content, PR, brand building and digital services.

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