Data Privacy and Compliance

Since May 25th2018, the GDPR has brought numerous and significant changes to best practice around the handling of personal data. New regulations such as the e-Privacy Directive will add further risks of non-compliance in all areas where electronic communications are involved.

Instead of tackling these and other data issues separately, Konductor can make sure your business is prepared throughout for the realities of doing business in the 21stcentury.

From IT to HR, Marketing and Customer experience, being a trusted repository for personal data not only reduces operational risk but also brings considerable benefits.


“Konductor played a huge part in preparing My-Let for the GDPR. They know the regulation and created outstanding copy and communications for us in line with ICO best practice. We feel much better placed now to deal with the challenges and opportunities the GDPR presents.”

Adrian Arkell, Director, My-Let

Don’t hand market advantage to your competitors

Many companies deal with large volumes of personal customer and supplier information as a matter of course and make use of these data on a regular basis. From this business data to the organisation’s own HR records, this puts them very much in the crosshairs of the GDPR and other related legislation.

Instead, by taking control of the governance of the data and information assets that you hold, you can extract maximum value from them and gain competitive advantage.

  • Demonstrable compliance is a boost to RFPs and competitive bid situations
  • On-boarding processes with 3rdparties are made easier and quicker
  • An organisation benefits from being a trusted repository for data
  • Uncover, understand and mitigate risks caused by technology and data

Those who fail to comply or suffer data breaches will lose the trust of their customers and partners, could face fines or the ICO halting the processing of data, effectively grinding your business to a halt, impacting the day-to-day service you provide and stifling new business.

Risk avoidance and Opportunity

For many, it’s the first time in a long while they’ve had to think about how they handle data, and it can all seem very overwhelming. Konductor has access to the experience and knowledge to help organisations of all types with their data governance challenges.

We can help organisations with their content and customer communications:

  • Re-writing privacy and data policies
  • Creating organisational data maps and data lifecycle processes
  • Creating new processes for handling Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)
  • Auditing websites and flagging areas that are non-compliant
  • Creating content marketing plans to replace non-compliant, outbound marketing strategies

Or help develop GDPR as a commercial opportunity, helping clients:

  • Develop a better understanding of the business value of your data, and from there increasing the value of it.
  • Utilise and/or monetise your data by properly locating it and discovering what it consists of.
  • Deal with the stockpiling of decades old data which blurs the picture, reducing opportunities.
  • Helping companies obtain a competitive edge over their rivals by using the GDPR as inspiration for innovation.
  • Protect their reputations by helping them capitalise on the opportunity to become regarded as ‘privacy champions’ – a worthwhile label to have amongst evermore security conscious consumers.