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Generating leads in a crisis
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Konductor joins the Emergent Alliance
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Konductor has joined the not-for-profit Emergent Alliancewhich exists to better inform future economic decision making by corporations, small businesses and nations states. ​ As part of the Alliance, Konductoris working…

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The point of a proposition. 10 good reasons.
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Value v Vanity: what are the important metrics for your business?
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It’s common and expected for accountants to have no shortage of metrics and KPIs to track. However, as a business owner or leader the biggest issue can be understanding what…

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Working from home and the impact on data protection
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Data protection compliance for organisations has been put to the test over the past couple of months as many employees settle into the routine of working from home. As if…

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A time of change – the view from academia
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When less is more: The Road to Essentialism
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The modern world is a frantic place. From the moment we wake, to the moment we return to our beds, we are bombarded with information, expectations, responsibilities, and deadlines. It…

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Catastrophising into practical panic
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