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Business moments of 2019
Top five business moments of 2019
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To say 2019 has been a year of ups and downs would be to make a profound understatement. Were it a rollercoaster, it would’ve come with a checklist of warnings…

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How a proposition is the most valuable business investment you can make
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When people set up businesses, they do so with some goal in mind and those goals can vary greatly. For some, it may be simply to provide an additional source…

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The softer way to a hard bottom line
The softer measures that can have a real impact on your bottom line
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It’s easy for business leaders to become so obsessed with improving bottom lines that they become single-minded on ways and means of achieving short-term fixes. Usually, this comes in the…

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Open banking
Open Banking: What’s the picture now we’re 20 months in?
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As part of a drive to standardise and promote the advancement of innovative online and mobile payments, in October 2015, the European Parliament unveiled PSD2, a large-scale update of the…

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tech unicorns
Did we mention these five unicorns?
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Our top 5 tech companies making waves in 2019 As we progress deeper into the digital age, it is those companies innovating with emergent technologies that are sending some of…

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Kate O’Brien appointed trustee of Mobee Gambia
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Mobee Gambia, which develops understanding of mental health and wellbeing across Gambia, has appointed Manchester-based Konductor founder Kate O’Brien as new trustee and director. Kate, founder and director of Manchester…

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15 steps to basic Cyber Security for home and small business users
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This guide aims to walk you through the main rules and 15 key steps to achieving basic cyber security. It is intended for home users and small business owners and…

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7 of the best Windows ransomware decryption tools
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In recent years, ransomware has emerged as the most pervasive and insidious cyber-weapon wielded by hackers, and more and more computer users are finding themselves under attack. Having infiltrated your…

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