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    Node 4

    ‘At Node4, we offer: Channel without Challenge, and that’s what we were looking for in our marketing consultants. The process needed to be smooth and hassle free. We wanted a team who understood the industry and the channel, and Konductor definitely do. Through a mixture of experience and business intelligence, they just get it.’

    The Challenge:

    Node4 is a technology provider with a large and varied portfolio, covering connectivity, collaboration, security, continuity, cloud transformation and colocation. It’s run by a talented team of technology specialists who really know their stuff. We were keen to work with them to spread their extensive IT knowledge in an audience friendly/ buyer-aligned way. We joined them to launch their partner markets plan.

    The Solution:

    • A detailed year-long, marketing plan, written in collaboration with Node4 and aligned to specific monthly goals, including:
    • PR and advertising campaigns – including popular features in top industry press.
    • Partner incentive programmes to deliver real ROI In partner sales
    • A well-received, bold rebrand of the partner markets