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NetVu is an innovative technology and surveillance company set up in 2016. An all British company with R & D and manufacturing based in the Northwest, it is currently developing and building both product and customer bases.


NetVu sought a partner to enhance its brand and reputation, one that would deliver lasting change built around the company’s vision and values; not one that would simply produce a cosmetic makeover.

Its all-embracing remit covered: employees and prospects/customers; internal and external communications; strategic repositioning; and branding.

How we helped:

  • We listened – to ensure we understood NetVu’s business dynamics and what was needed in order to deliver the required results
  • We employed a wide range of skills – everything from staff surveys to job descriptions; from creative flair to detailed copywriting; from visualising concepts to developing practical solutions
  • We brought a sense of order – changing ideas into policy and application
  • We saw the bigger picture – integrating disparate elements into a single solution that sets and complements NetVu’s position in the market
  • We responded to input – we assimilated change, adapted our thinking and evolved solutions to enable rapid delivery

“It’s so refreshing to work with people who listen to the business”, people who are “sympathetic to customer requirements” and “create real meaning (that they) follow through with effective delivery”.

Pauline Norstrom, Managing Director