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The B2B technology marketplace is a busy one. It’s a noisy battleground, and one where independent challengers go head-to-head with some of the best-known brands.

But whether agile challenger or well-established behemoth, organisations are struggling to keep up with an ever-savvier customer, being tested to compete harder for a share of the market.

IT-TechnologyThese pressures, coupled with the need to ensure that all internal sales generating engines are engaged and connected (sales and marketing in particular), and that communications are futureproofed, can leave businesses searching for a broader range of skills their internal resource can muster.

At such times, the appointment of a full service sales and communications provider whose team has practical experience, proven consultancy credentials, inspirational insight, deliverable reasoning, and a background in the real business world can be invaluable.

A team that will ask questions and challenge both thinking and practice in order to remove polarisation and link every part of the business together seamlessly.

One that will educate and combine the focus of sales and marketing teams and improve conversion. Put communication into context and perspective through its strategic thinking, develop initiatives that generate leads, drive website visits, produce content that engages with prospects, optimise webpage copy, promote search engine rankings, create press releases and pr activity, raise profiles and even provide on the job mentoring to enhance bottom line results.

People like us.

At Konductor, we have unrivalled sales and communication experience with established and challenger brands spanning the growth of mobile and internet, from the launch of the cloud to today’s “as a service” technologies.

As individuals, we’ve worked for BT, Airwave, for O2, for Daisy Communications and The Daisy Group. As consultants, we include Nokia, ICL, Vodafone, HSBC, Halifax, CapitalOne, BusinessLink, Wyeth and Johnson and Johnson amongst our clients. As Konductor, we have been appointed by a diverse range of clients including Intercity, Virgin Media, Solar, Node4, AccessPay and Damovo.

We know real business intimately, how it thinks and acts, and have a proven track record in delivering results.

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