Organisational change

Organisational change is constant.

Too often a positive organisational culture is dismissed as being little more than bonus to the way a business operates. Nice to have, but not essential.This attitude isn’t just wrong, it’s damaging.

The power of a carefully cultivated and inclusive organisational culture impacts more than just staff morale. It can have profound effects on productivity, performance and ultimately, profit margins.

In 2013, PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a global survey of 2,200 corporate managers. They found that 84% of the respondents believed that culture is critical to business success, 60% believed that culture is more important than the strategy and the business model, and 51% felt a major overhaul was needed in their own corporate culture.

Konductor collaborate with businesses to implement fundamental changes to how employees are valued, developed, and empowered. The elevation of the individual and the collective boosts everything from staff retention, to recruitment, to enhanced leadership.

Working across a range of sectors, we have shown that businesses can make dramatic, holistic improvements with positive organisational culture change.

Case study…

Burnley Council: Working with the chief executive to deliver council-wide vision, values and corporate objectives.

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