Business Essentials

This resource area is a hub of free information, brought together with the input of professionals across the business and academic spectrum.

Andrew Tallents: Leadership

The hardest thing about leadership is asking others to help hold you to account. Andrew talks essentialism, accountability and what you need to do as a leader to deliver.

Marcus Lamont: People and Trust

Marcus demonstrates how placing trust at the heart of your organisation, embedding and living by the values and purpose of your organisation can reap huge rewards.

Mike Andrews: Cost Management

Driving business efficiencies and overcoming apathy to drive positive change, challenge the status quo and drive the bottom line.

Professor Mark Elliot: the whole picture

Professor Mark Elliot holds a chair in data science at the University of Manchester. His research is focused on the topics of privacy and anonymisation. He shares  insight on digital privacy and anonymisation in the age of Covid.

Kate Andrews: marketing and communications

The point of a proposition, 10 good reasons. Why organisations need to understand who they are, how and where to position themselves and how to positively impact the bottom line.

Mike Bulcock: Finance, Vanity Vs Value

As business owners the biggest issue can be understanding what are the important metrics – that means value vs vanity. Mike discusses the mandatories and the less conventional metrics that drive growth.

Nicola Hartland: data, security and compliance

Ensure the protection of personal data and the protection of individuals rights. Nicola provides guidance to ensure compliance in the fast-moving world of remote working.

Proposition to the rescue

How your customer promise – your proposition – when crafted with thought and articulated succinctly, it becomes a resilient foundation.

Smarter spending

Smarter Spending, an approach to improving cashflow. Top tips from the best cost consultants to ensure your business is as efficient as possible.

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