Konductor provides an inclusive and interactive experience aimed at bolstering and enhancing confidence for individuals, focussing on enhancing communications. By enhancing the confidence of your people, you can help combat:

  • People: disengagement, absence and poor morale
  • Customer: Customer dissatisfaction and disengagement
  • Commercial: Positively impact on your business performance

The Experience

Communication provides the ability to connect, engage, influence and inspire.But unfortunately, the art of communication is not always widely observed and is sometimes lost.

Utilising the Clifton StrengthsFinder®, we start with self-awareness. Confidence is quantified, using the metaphor of a balloon, inflating to a size relatable to your current confidence levels.

During the day we engage in a range of activities designed to positively impact your confidence and communication. You can review your progress as the size of your balloon inflates – the greater your confidence, the bigger your balloon!


  • Greater levels of self-awareness and the ability to interact with others
  • Improved communication with customers and colleagues
  • Increased confidence to be more assertive and influence others in challenging situations

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