<strong>There’s life in the old dog yet: reinventing content</strong>

reinventing content

Did you know a successful content strategy isn’t all about writing streams of new content? You can give your old content a new lease of life, and it’s really good practice to update your previously created content where possible. Why? Like anything, content ages. Did you know freshness is a ranking factor? It can become […]

<strong>Content strategy – just why does it matter?</strong>

Ever started a journey without planning where you’re heading to? Or started chopping up ingredients without a plan of what you’re going to cook? Didn’t think so. The same goes for the world of content and the content strategy you define. Did you know brands that have a defined and documented content strategy are known […]

The marketers guide to a successful award entry

Successful award entry writing

The award entry season is in full swing Awards are a key part of profile and brand raising for a company. They endorse your service, your people and carry kudos within your industry. We always ensure they play a key role in any PR and reputation planning. But winning awards isn’t easy. Not only can it […]

Ethical AI: Opportunities and Challenges

Opportunities and challenges for ethical AI cover image

We recently worked with the team at Manchester Metropolitan University to help present a series of real-world case studies, highlighting how SMEs are prepared to adopt ethical and responsible approaches to AI development and deployment. The interviews revealed that SMEs must be front and centre of any future policy development. Business leaders want to do […]

Give us a KISS!

KISS, keep it short and simple

Who doesn’t love an acronym? We often get asked “what’s the best way to bring to life a complicated subject?”. Our most informed (and successful) answer, “by keeping it simple”. After graduating in the early 2000s I embarked on a postgraduate diploma in newspaper journalism, training with some amazingly talented peers and also learning from […]

3 Prevalent Communications Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When you start putting together a blog like this one, the urge to start with some hackneyed phrase about ‘communication being the bedrock of any business’ is overwhelming. You know it to be true, it’s a pretty safe assumption that most business leaders know it to be true. So why then, this irresistible impulse to […]

10 Top Tips for Great Internal Comms

The evolution of internal comms is one of the more heartening aspects of the contemporary business story. Disappearing are the days of PCs smothered by an array of shouty, demanding, neon post-its and send-to-all emails decrying sales performances and incompletely filled time-sheets, signed off by a CEO no one ever sees. It’s not just that […]

Creating calm in chaos: getting back to business with your workforce

Remote working. Hybrid working. A full-blown return to the office of old. Whatever your flavour of working style in this emerging post-pandemic period, it’s brought into focus that old chestnut, communication. As the dust settles on 2021, we’ve delved into the topic of hybrid working environments and the communications strategies and styles needed to help […]

The strong brand and the nostalgia bug

Cars are funny things aren’t they?  They’re devised to transport a person from point A to point B without having to wear out some poor steed, some of them have since burrowed their way into humanity’s collective imagination. From the Batmobile to the Ecto-1, from 007’s various gadget-addled Aston Martins, to the bomb-proof ‘Beast’ favoured […]

Another big shift for data privacy and user tracking is happening, right now

A major gear change has started in the realm of data privacy that’ll change marketing efforts and customer acquisition as we know it. Since GDPR was first announced in 2016, customers and business owners have been aware of the need for greater clarity and control on big data, and now the tech giants themselves are […]