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15 steps to basic Cyber Security for home and small business users
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This guide aims to walk you through the main rules and 15 key steps to achieving basic cyber security. It is intended for home users and small business owners and…

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Why pattern locks are not secure on Android (and what to use instead)
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Even the most stubborn of today’s technophobes appreciate that contemporary smartphones have become treasure chests of personal data. Information such as your credit card numbers, addresses and scanned personal documents…

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7 of the best Windows ransomware decryption tools
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In recent years, ransomware has emerged as the most pervasive and insidious cyber-weapon wielded by hackers, and more and more computer users are finding themselves under attack. Having infiltrated your…

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Meet Ropemaker – the most dangerous email hack today
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Security experts are warning of a new, easily executed email hack that is allowing cybercriminals to turn seemingly innocent emails into something malicious afterthey have been delivered to email inboxes.…

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Noisy Neighbours: The Power of Regional PR
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When we think of PR, we tend to think of it in terms of the devices organisations use to communicate their brand to the public. These devices can take the…

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  NetVu are an industry leader in all things CCTV. Their patented FireVu product is recognised as the most advanced flame and thermal detection system available on the market. With…

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Women in Tech
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  As a leading player in recruitment, Search are always looking at anomalies in the employment market and trying to find solutions. The role of women in the tech sector…

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Education, education, education: Why technology companies could drive a greater uptake of their automated tools with less marketing and more mentoring
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The rate at which technological innovations have evolved and developed over the last 20 years has been spectacular, if not at times a little dizzying. Solutions available today are delivering…

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