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    Resource centre

    The Konductor Resource Centre is a hub of information that we have compiled and felt compelled to share. From hints and tips that can help you plan and deliver activities yourself, through to guidance for anything requiring a little more specialist support, the Resource Centre is a growing bank of free business information to help you and your organisation.

    Twitter eBook smart guide

    Often we’re asked about the value of social media. This beginner’s guide lets you know the ins and outs of Twitter and how it can be of benefit for your business.

    Kickstart guide to a press release

    There is no dark arr to speaking with the press and raising your profile. Here is our starter guide to building a plan, writing the release and pitching the story. A few simple rules and a few handy tips, and the world is your oyster!

    Aint’ nothing but a social strategy

    Think you should be utilising social media as part of your wider communications strategy? Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a hit list of questions and thought provoking comments to help you focus your attentions in the world of social.

    Get your social life in order

    Preparation is everything. By now you will have utilised our easy-to-use social strategy template and will be building a plan to take on the world. Now is the time to execute that plan. This social media calendar should help you along the way.

    Financial Communication

    We are experts in effective financial communications with practical, proactive application. Our services include annual report writing and production, results announcements, investment releases, and communications support for acquisitions, with more than 50+ deals to our name.

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    Splendid Marketing!

    It’s serious business that can lead to serious business.

    Miss Communication

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    Miss Communication

    A satirical look at scenarios that can be found in offices and boardrooms at companies of all sizes, everywhere!

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