Coronavirus Covid-19 update and support

Like us, small businesses are navigating through unchartered waters. We are committed to helping our network and the wider business community survive the current uncertainty. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be sharing as many online resources as possible.

To view our resource page please visit our dedicated resource area.


…and if you are unsure and need some friendly advice, please do pick up the phone.

Why Konductor for technology businesses?

  • Expertise: proven delivery across traditional technology and telecoms, through to fintech and digitally-enabled emerging markets

  • Range of service:from strategy setting and planning, through to delivery online and offline lead generation, sales enablement, marcomms, PR and reputation

  • Agile: flexible to fit with your existing in-house resource or pull expertise from our relevant disciplines, dependent on your need.

  • Creative: understanding no two businesses rarely have the same challenge, we are creative and provide a bespoke service in line with your brief.

  • Commercial: the delivery of our service to you will always be tied to an overarching commercial goal, with measurable outcomes.

  • Cost effective: no big offices and no big overheads, we are responsive and understanding of budgets in times of growth.

Splendid Marketing!

It’s serious business that can lead to serious business.

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