Growth is a central objective for business. Do you know how to achieve it?
Konductor injects high-order, inventive thinking and execution across sales, marketing and commercial to deliver against your business goals.
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Creating sustainable business growth

In pandemic times, it’s vital to inject fresh thinking into your marketing and business growth. The way customers interact with you is fundamentally changing.

Konductor has the sector-specialism, experience and extensive network to bring powerful and relevant insights. Combined with practical advice and application where required, this yields real value and tangible results.

How do you judge the return on your marketing spend?

Commercial marketing

Deliver against your commercial objectives, with the right mix of measurable activity, driving growth and delivering ROI.

How do you ensure you understand your customers’ challenges?

Customer Insight

You’ll be closer to your customers and aware of their needs. That means better retention, enhanced advocacy and winning more business.

How do you know if your team is performing at its best?

Team Performance

Your team will be engaged and working against measurable objectives, with the right people playing to the right strengths.

Who are Konductor?

We are a team of business growth experts that specialise in harnessing the power of communication to drive profits. 
Whether you want us to integrate with your existing team or work independently, we provide the knowledge, skills, and tools to make your brand more visible, your people more effective, and your commercial activity more profitable.

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Our Clients

Encompassing B2B and B2C businesses across the professional services, technology, finance, and manufacturing sectors, our clients are different in all kinds of ways but similar in one; they have a business challenge they know can be solved using our expertise in delivering commercial success through a range of communications channels.
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Be it business consultancy or marketing strategy through to mentoring and the provision of interim management, the most important step is that first one and just getting in touch.
Any phone or email enquiry will be warmly received and could be the beginning of your business achieving in ways you didn’t think were possible.