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Meet the team

Konductor Ltd was set up in 2015 by Kate and Katharine to give a different approach to how organisations address their biggest challenges.

Both women have extensive experience working within managerial and directorate positions and have faced first-hand the difficulties that come with driving a business forward. That’s what sets them apart; the obstacles you’ve faced, they’ve faced and overcome time and time again.

Meet the founders


Kate O'BrienWith a background in sectors as diverse as finance, retail, leisure and travel, entertainment and telecommunications Kate brings a degree of experience and expertise to her role as company Director that few in her field can match. Prior to co-founding Konductor Ltd, the 2014 Female Leader of the Year Finalist had already accumulated seven years of company Director experience overseeing and leading enormous growth and return for finance company Paymex Group and the UK’s largest independent telecoms and IT provider, Daisy Group. The proud mother and fashion enthusiast has a passion and demonstrable talent for strategic and digital marketing, brand-building and inspirational leadership that is changing how Konductor’s clients do business forever.


Katharine McNamaraFormer journalist, Customer Satisfaction Manager, Head of PR and captain of Accrington Stanley Ladies, Katharine’s many talents and rich experience have propelled her to a position befitting someone with such outstanding work ethic and natural ability. With a degree in English and Classics from The University of Nottingham she has demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for delivering brand awareness, business strategy and return on investment through a mastery of language and communication. An excellent communicator, writer, strategist and Marketeer, Katharine is able to build relationships that stand the test of time.

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