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    Who we are

    With a core focused on delivery, Konductor is led by an acclaimed board director and a former journalist and head of PR who have worked across big brands and some of the country’s most exciting growth companies.

    Katharine & KateHaving spent our careers working in in-house strategic marketing roles, we now draw on our experience and network to embed and understand our clients’ commercial objectives, articulate and bring to life their propositions – essentially their reason for being – and help bring about positive outcomes that impact their bottom line.

    It can mean working with a senior team to set strategy, helping build market awareness, from traditional comms and marketing campaigns, through to digital-first approaches, content production, media relations and PR. It can be helping build, resource and recruit teams to deliver the strategy; or it can be embedding directly within an organisation to help in an interim role.

    Having plied our trade in-house, our schooling dictates that we know all too well the commercial demands placed on every department within a business. We are indoctrinated to deliver a return against every pound you invest.

    We pride ourselves on our end-to-end approach. From planning, delivery and review through to recommendations for the future, full accountability is demonstrated, monitoring performance against commercial and measureable objectives, from business support to marketing communications.

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    Business Support

    Every business has its challenges. Konductor helps overcome these…

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    Marketing communications

    In an increasingly competitive and digital world, businesses cannot survive without speaking to their customers…

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    About us

    Konductor is led by an acclaimed board director and a former journalist…

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